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I seem to possess a special power for acquiring terrible headaches, a fun hobby I’ve got since the grade school years, and not for a single reason, but a huge range of them: hormonal, tension, neck tweaks, migraines, kidney-related. Here’s a few of my experimental findings coming from my own pain along with treating others.

The herbs used are generally limited to my individual favorites and local crops, which explains while I don’t include certain popular headache herbs.

Headaches are generally quite changeable symptoms of some deeper problem. So, while these herbs could work very well for your pain, especially if you select a herb specific for your imbalance, they’re not cures. It’s very important to discover the underlying reason (such as constipation, stress, allergies, nervous system disorders, an imbalanced constitution, hormones, poor digestion and almost anything else) for your headache and treat it.

Lavender: A great overall headache remedy that works regarding tension and neck tweaks as well as for hormonally caused headaches.

Skullcap: A specific for the “I’m so tense I can’t breathe” types of headaches, where your neck is usually spasming and you’re on the point of scream at the next one that speaks to you. Other indicators are should you grind your teeth (sleeping or awake) or have plenty of jaw tension pain or realize that your fists are regularly clenched.

Sage: Great for digestive headaches due to an overindulgence or an excessive amount of animal fat. Also one of the higher quality herbs for hormonally triggered headaches, especially with hot flashes. In a larger dosage, it works great for stoping tension headaches too.

Licorice: Specific for kidney yin insufficiency caused headaches, it will probably work nicely for general adrenal insufficiency headaches too. And for some individuals, it works on just about all headaches, all the time. It’s contradicted for people who have a tendency towards normal water retention and general bogginess.

Peony: For crazy neck muscle spasms, general tension and physical over stimulation. I’ve found it to function wonderfully for PMS headaches (and it also helps the cramps as well as moodiness too). A great and underused plant. Keep in mind it’s a fairly cool herb so if you tend to feel cold and discover your headache aggravated by means of cold, then choose a hotter herb and combine peony together with something warmer like ginger.

Mugwort (Artemisia spp. ): Best for what We all call “liver headaches” whenever your body just doesn’t wish to digest the food inside your belly, especially when there was an increased fat content. You feel nauseous, bloated and heavy.

Poplar/Cottonwood: Ah yes, all that wonderful salicin along with populin, that relieves all kinds of pain. It’s specific for warm, flushed kind of headaches. I also combine this with whatever specific headache herb is necesary to potentiate the blend. Contradicted in people having aspirin reactions or individuals on anticoagulants.

Vervain: My favorite for disorienting PMS as well as neck tension headaches… when it’s really required, you only need a really small dose of the fresh plant tincture. In fact, I find that if i`d take more than I needed, it will actually aggravate the tension (anyone else observed this? ) The tincture is so effective that I’ll often get shivers from the rapid release of my own neck muscles, makes me feel just like a limp fish (within a happy way).

Ginger: For cold headaches, and those caused by external influences like viruses. Also seems to work fantastic for headaches caused by means of circulatory congestion and cool, stuck sinus infections. Also works well like a migraine preventative by keeping arteries dilated.

Clematis: A migraine and cluster headache specialty, but will often do the job in other headaches likewise.

Dandelion: Another heat clearing natural herb specific to liver/digestive headaches, or where there’s a great deal of damp heat stagnating in your body.

Goldenrod: Externally, the oil on your neck and skull may relieve intense muscular discomfort. It’s actually quite an amazing plant this way, works on arthritis, pulled or strained muscle tissue, better than more common herbs like SJW as well as Meadowsweet for these purposes in my opinion. Internally, for sinus infections and allergy headaches linked to stuffiness.

Ambrosia (ragweed): Sinus headaches with stuffiness.

Rose Petal: for hot, damp, congested headaches that in many cases are accompanied by feverishness, hot flashes, gas and bloating.

Mullein Flower & Root: For all kind of neck/back induced headaches, also great for pressure and digestive caused headaches. Actually, this is an excellent herb for virtually any kind of pain. The temperature feels pretty neutral in my experience, so you cool it down or warm this up with other herbs based on your constitution and type pain.

Jamaican Dogwood: Ok, I don’t usually agree with herbs this exotic, but I’ve found this particular plant specific for toothache headaches in those individuals for whom just about NO nervine or pain reliever works. This is a powerful sedating herb, so no heavy equipment ok?

Elder Flower: Deep, hot, tense headaches. If the tincture doesn’t do the job, try a cup of this tea.

Black Cohosh: I don’t know Black Cohosh well, but I’ve learned the indications are aching, dull, cold kind of discomfort, possibly with depression (doom and gloom type).

Yarrow: Another great one intended for digestive headaches. Also good for toothache triggered headaches (try the root), it’s also good for stagnant, dull aching headaches.

Oregon Grape Root: For those hot, gooey, face exploding kind of sinus infections that lead to terrible headaches. Another one for overloaded liver headaches.

Osha: Headache with altitude illness, inability to get sufficient oxygen.

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