Uncommon Migraine Treatments

Uncommon Migraine Treatments – Alternative Preventive Treatments For Migraine headaches

Why do most of us like complementary and also alternative treatments to assist in our various health issues? Perhaps we enjoy the feeling of having control over our health, and feeling like we’re contributing to preventing, or ‘naturally’ helping our body. Additionally, complementary medications and treatments can be bought without a doctor’s prescription, making them simpler to obtain.

When it concerns migraine treatments, it’s no secret that people are searching for alternative ways to avoid and abort migraine headaches. The medical specialists have accepted several complementary treatments, however, others are much more accepted by the public.

Here are some common nutraceuticals that are used for migraine treatment and headache remedy:

1. Magnesium has been used like a migraine prophylactic (preventive) for quite a while now. There are some studies that suggest there’s a magnesium deficiency in individuals who suffer from migraine headache pains.

2. Riboflavin, also known by the name of vitamin B2, plays a part in cellular membrane layer stability. This vitamin has been proved to be effective in many people for preventing migraines.

3. Coenzyme Q10 continues to be hypothesized to possibly be useful in migraine avoidance, and shown to be useful in a few small studies.

4. Alpha Lipoic Acid is usually a natural occurring greasy acid that can be found in foods such as spinach, broccoli, potatoes, yeast and meats. There has already been one small research suggesting that Alpha Lipoic Acid could be useful in migraine avoidance, however, larger studies are needed.

Herbal preparations have played a big part in migraine prevention since alternative treatments have grown to be more popular. Here are a couple of these:

1. Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) (Petadolex) comes from the butterbur plant, which is some sort of perennial shrub obtained in Europe and most of Asia. It has been helpful to treat pain and fever for hundreds of years, and has been proved to be effective as some sort of migraine preventative for many migraine sufferers.

2. Feverfew, like butterbur, has been useful against pain and fevers for hundreds of years, and like butterbur shows some effect with migraine prophylaxis.

Even though we could obtain these uncommon alternative preparations from our local marketplace, we need to get reminded that they are still medications having a real potential for problems, medication interactions, and side effects. Be sure to try to speak openly as well as honestly about all of your herbal or ‘natural’ medications that you will take with your personal doctor and pharmacist to make sure you will not sabotage your well being. To your very best life!

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